32 Pictures Of The Most Effective Way To Stop Squirrels That Do Not Enter The House

How To Rid A Squirrel In Your House

32 {images|pictures|gallery} of The most effective way to stop squirrels that do not enter the house

If you are moving into a squirrel populated area, you simply must ensure that you install improvements to your dwelling that can prevent squirrels from nesting with your attic, basement or crawl space. There are three steps to consider while preparing to squirrel proof your home.
First, you simply must evaluate your home. Go around the surface of your house. Look for access points please remember that squirrels don't need an incredibly large opening to go in the house. Ensure that you simply seek out openings which might be on top of the house and beneath the soffit and fascia. Make a list of every possible squirrel door that you simply find.
Second, you simply must purchase materials to stop the squirrel entry in every one of the openings. Some openings aren't critical and can be sealed with expanding foam. Other openings are necessary for proper roof performance. If you seal the entire roof, you should have issues with moisture buildup and possible ice dams if you live in a very freezing climate. If you aren't familiar with roofing systems, you will need to talk to a professional before sealing holes with airtight materials. Self expanding foam is great for small holes and to use. You simply ought to insert the hose into the gap, squirt the foam and as promised the foam grows to fill the hole and hardens. It doesn't get any easier than that. For holes which might be needed for airflow, you can use a metal mesh material to stop entry. All of these materials can be acquired for your local big box home improvement retailer. If you don't have a big hardware store with your area, sites like Amazon or Wal-Mart carry these things and you can order them over the internet.
Finally, after you have evaluated your home, purchased your materials, and determined which holes can be sealed and those that are necessary for venting, you are to put in. Some of these steps are basic and some must be handled by a professional installer. If you aren't sure or hesitant with the materials, you need to be cautious and let a professional install it. Make sure to be especially careful with any installations that want that you be on the ladder. It is easy to forget where you are and lose the account balance. A fall from a second story height could easily cause serious injury or perhaps death.